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Abigail’s Second Life

Chapter 682
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Ronaldo sighed and reached out to hold Larry in his hands. "In crucial moments, only | am reliable."

"Yes," Abigail agreed wholeheartedly. Without Ronaldo's help this time, she wouldn't know who to turn to.

By the tthey arrived at Alice's place, it was almost dawn. Since Abigail hadn't slept all night, she could barely

keep her eyes open when she arrived at Alice's house.

"Alice, please save this child." Standing at the door of Alice's house, Abigail pleaded as she cradled Larry in her


Alice looked at her with disgust and said, "You sure know how to cause trouble for me. Bring him in."

Abigail quickly carried Larry inside. She sat at the table and placed the child on it.

Ronaldo yawned.

Alice glanced at him and said, "Get srest. I'll take care of him." Then, she handed Alice the medical record.

Alice didn't look at it. Instead, she reached out and touched Larry's pulse. The longer she lingered, the more

furrowed her brow became.

"Get my needle bag." Alice withdrew her hand and said with a stern expression.

Abigail hurriedly went to fetch the needle bag. Ronaldo headed towards the lounge chair in the backyard,

planning to rest for a while.

After Abigail cout with Alice's needle bag, the latter took a needle and pricked Larry's finger.

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Larry immediately started crying.

Alice let him bleed for a while. When Larry stopped crying, she put his hand back into the swaddle.

"His constitution is unusual. He has congenital underdevelopment, and his heart beats slower than normal

people. He will face difficulties in the future." Alice disinfected the needle and put it back into the bag. "What if

we start the treatment as soon as possible?" Abigail asked.

Alice didn't answer. She sat in the chair and looked at Larry, her brow furrowed in thought.

Abigail didn't dare to speak and could only wait quietly for her answer.

"Wait here." Alice stood up and hunched as she walked into the room.

There was a cabin her room that she had never opened during Abigail's stay.

"Cwithand helpfind a book," Alice said to Abigail as she walked.

Abigail quickly got up and followed Alice into her room. Alice took a key from the cabinet, unlocked it, and told

Abigail about the book she was looking for.

"It's messy here. The titles are all in ancient letters, so look carefully. Don't make any mistakes." Alice sat on the

side and instructed Abigail.

Abigail noticed that the cabwas full of thread-bound medical books. She searched according to Alice's

instructions. At the stime, she felt a twinge of regret.

"Alice... Do you wantto find you an apprentice? | will do my best to find the most suitable apprentice to

inherit your knowledge," Abigail said.

Alice looked at the cabfilled with medical books and sighed. "It won't be easy. Nowadays, not many people

are willing to study traditional medicine. They lack the dedication and passion to explore different approaches."

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Hearing her words, Abigail felt melancholic.

"Have you ever considered passing on your skills to an apprentice?" Alice asked her with a smile.

"I have, but now is not the time," Abigail replied. She was so busy that she couldn't even take care of Sean, let

alone take on an apprentice.

"If someone is willing to learn, | would be delighted to teach them. | started reading these books when | was just

a child and continued reading them until | becan adult. It tookabout twenty years. Many medical

techniques are no longer practiced today," Alice said slowly. "If you weren't studying design, | would have kept

you here."

"How | wish | had studied medicine in the first place," Abigail whispered.

Alice smiled at her words.

After searching for a while, Abigail finally found the book Alice was looking for. She noticed that it was a book

about poisons. "Alice, do you suspect that there is poison in his body?" Abigail asked.

"His mother was poisoned, which led to his current condition," Alice said as she took the book and slowly flipped

through its pages.

Abigail quickly interjected, "His mother was actually exposed to a modern developed drug. She has mental

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health issues and frequently experiences amnesia. It's difficult for her to distinguish between reality and


Upon hearing Abigail's explanation, Alice glanced at her and said, "You should bring her here so that | can assess

her situation."

"Her situation is terrible. It's not safe to bring her here. Her surroundings are very dangerous, and it would put

you at risk," Abigail explained.

Alice nodded and didn't push further. "If | can live for another ten years or so, you can bring her to me."

Abigail smiled.

While Alice was flipping through the book, Abigail unknowingly fell asleep on the table. When Alice found a

potential remedy for the child, she looked up and saw Abigail sleeping soundly. With a sigh, she stood up and

fetched a blanket for Abigail.

Returning to the living room, Alice gazed at the sleeping child and reached out to touch him. She noticed that the

fever seemed to be subsiding. Then, Alice pricked a bead of blood from Larry's hand once again.

"I'm getting old. If | can use my remaining years to save a newborn child, | would consider it a good deed," she

murmured as she sucked the blood and savored it.

After swallowing, she furrowed her brow in thought. Then, she went back to her room, grabbed a pen and paper,

and began to jot down her thoughts.

By the tAbigail woke up, two hours had passed.

"Larry..." Abigail mumbled, still somewhat groggy.

After a moment, she regained her senses and immediately went to find Alice.