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Aggressive Wife novel (Madeline and Noah)

Aggressive Wife novel (Madeline and Noah)
590 Chapters
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Aggressive Wife novel (Madeline and Noah)

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    Read Aggressive Wife (Madeline and Noah) by joy. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereAggressive Wife (Madeline and Noah) by Joy. Genre: Romance Madeline Grant, who has been wrongly accused of betrayal and murder by her husband Noah Quincy and her twin sister Angie, finds herself pregnant and facing a bitter divorce. Despite her pleas of innocence, Noah is determined to make her pay for her alleged crimes. The situation escalates when the police arrive and arrest Madeline based on Noah's accusations. Five years later, Madeline visits Gordon Quincy's grave, her late father-in-law, in the Quincy family cemetery. She reflects on the past and believes that Gordon has been her guardian angel, helping her in her darkest moments. She reveals that she gave birth prematurely to triplets but was only able to keep two of her children due to Noah's interference. With the help of a mysterious individual, she managed to fake her own death and survive in hiding. Madeline vows to seek justice for Gordon's betrayal by Angie and ensure that she never bes a part of the Quincy family. Despite the passage of time, her determination to clear her name and protect her children remains strong. Read Aggressive Wife (Madeline and Noah) by Joy at