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Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa

Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa
129 Chapters
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Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa

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    Read Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa by LS Barbosa. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free here"Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa". Genre: Werewolf...  Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa . Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa pdf free download "Alpha Dimitri" by LS Barbosa is a gripping werewolf centered around the character of Aurora Sforza. The story delves into theplex dynamics of werewolf packs, duty, and theplications of relationships. As Aurora prepares for a mating ceremony with Dimitri, the Alpha, she overhears a conversation between Dimitri and Charlotte, her best friend. Tensions rise as Dimitri reveals his intentions to mark Aurora temporarily for appearances while rejecting her personally. Aurora is heartbroken and confronts Dimitri, only to face harsh realities from both him and her mother. Caught between duty and her own desires, Aurora navigates a world where she feels used and betrayed. LS Barbosa weaves a tale of betrayal, duty, and the struggle for identity amidst the intricacies of werewolf society. With its intense emotional depth and intricate character relationships, "Alpha Dimitri" promises to captivate readers with its exploration of love, power, and theplexities of the heart... Read Alpha Dimitri By LS Barbosa at