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Dear Ex-Wife, You Are MINE!

Dear Ex-Wife, You Are MINE!
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Dear Ex-Wife, You Are MINE!

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    Read Dear Ex-Wife, You Are MINE! by RaeV. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereDear Ex Wife You Are Mine! by RaeV. Genre: Romance The is rushing to attend her husband's grandmother's seventieth birthday celebration. She encounters a traffic jam and decides to run on foot to avoid being late. Along the way, she saves an old woman from being hit by a car but falls into a mud puddle and injures her arm. She continues running despite the pain, hoping to reach the hotel in time. When she finally arrives, her husband, Alessandro, is furious with her for being late and berates her in front of his family. Two of Alessandro's cousins and his ex-girlfriend, Camilla, also criticize the protagonist for her appearance. The situation escalates when Camilla grabs the protagonist's injured arm and accuses her of occupying Alessandro's affections. A heated argument ensues, but it abruptly stops when Camilla pretends to be injured and begs Alessandro for forgiveness. To the protagonist's shock, Alessandro shows concern for Camilla and carries her away, leaving the protagonist confused and hurt. Before she can process the situation, Alessandro's aunt, Gina, appears and accuses her of bullying Camilla, threatening to tell Alessandro's grandmother.... Read Dear Ex Wife You Are Mine Full Episode