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Her Seven Little Bodyguards

Her Seven Little Bodyguards
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Her Seven Little Bodyguards

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    Read Her Seven Little Bodyguards by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereHer Seven Little Bodyguards on . Miss Seven Little Bodyguards Romance Genre s, ... The Miss Seven Little Bodyguards tells the story of the main character Vania Greyson. She is fiance Dylan Jones and sister Melanie Trap. She arrived at the appointed place and did not expect her to be harmed by a strange man. She was then evicted from the house and Dylan announced the annulment of the marriage. Vania became pregnant later that night and gave birth to 7 children, but she was robbed by the children. But no one expected that night to be Hanson Luke, the handsome and talented Luke Leader. The arrangement of the gradually numbered sections Vania gradually came closer together. Did the sounds and calculations of fiancé Dylan Jones and sister Melanie bring Vania down? Will Vania and Hanson's children find their parents? ... the dramatic details in the Miss Seven Boy Bodyguards invite you to watch at

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