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His Ex Wife is A Billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus)

His Ex Wife is A Billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus)
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His Ex Wife is A Billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus)

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    Read His Ex Wife is A Billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus) by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereHis Ex Wife is A Billionaire full chapter at . Artist: Evadne and Thaddeus... Genre: Romance The story revolves around the life of Ilana Waverley and her tumultuous relationship with Thaddeus Abernathy. Ilana is presented with divorce papers signed by Thaddeus and is taken aback by his cold demeanor. Thaddeus informs her that their prenuptial agreement will prevent property disputes and offers her two million dollars and a villa aspensation. Ilana pleads with him not to divorce, expressing her love for him, but Thaddeus insists on divorcing her to marry Acacia. Thaddeus's indifference and callousness hurt Ilana deeply. The story delves into their past, illustrating Ilana's unrequited love and the painful years she has invested in their marriage. Thaddeus leaves Ilana to be with Acacia, whom he has always loved, without showing anypassion for Ilana. Later, at a social gathering, Thaddeus introduces Acacia as his significant other, openly displaying his lack of affection for Ilana. Ilana, trying to fit in with the Abernathy family, remains subservient but is eventually discovered to have left the estate abruptly. Thaddeus learns that Ilana has left with Casius Ashbourne, the heir of the Ashbourne family. Thaddeus is stunned by this revelation, and he orders his secretary to investigate the situation. It is revealed that Ilana's birthday coincided with the day he initiated the divorce, making the timing particularly painful for her. Ilana, now reclaiming her status as the Ashbourne family heiress, leaves behind her past and begins anew. She vows to lead a fulfilling life and move on from her shattered relationship with Thaddeus.... Read His Ex Wife is A Billionaire (Evadne and Thaddeus)

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