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I Became His Sweetheart by Bright Eyes

I Became His Sweetheart by Bright Eyes
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I Became His Sweetheart by Bright Eyes

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    Read I Became His Sweetheart by Bright Eyes by Bright Eyes. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRead I Became His Sweetheart by Bright Eyes . Genre: Billionaire...I Became His Sweetheart pdf free download "I Became His Sweetheart by Bright Eyes" opens with a gripping and emotionally charged first chapter titled "She’s a Cripple." In this chapter, readers are introduced to Melanie Jones, a woman who finds herself in the midst of heartbreak, betrayal, and unexpected encounters. The chapter begins with Melanie hiding in the trunk of a car, overhearing her fiancé, Bryan, and her cousin, Lena, discussing their affair. Melanie's world is shattered as she realizes the depth of their betrayal,pounded by Lena's admission of orchestrating Melanie's car accident that left her crippled. Despite her physical disability, Melanie has dedicated herself to Bryan's media firm and helped build his reputation, only to be met with betrayal from those she trusted most. As she navigates the pain of this betrayal, Melanie finds herself aimlessly wandering in the rain, seeking solace in a bottle of tequila. However, Melanie's encounter takes a surprising turn when she is swiftly dragged into a black Bentley by a familiar handsome man. Despite her blurry state, Melanie is drawn to the man's cold yet captivating demeanor, setting the stage for an unexpected interaction between them. As Melanie grapples with her emotions and the events of the night, the chapter ends with a shocking revelation as she realizes the identity of the man beside her. The first chapter of "I Became His Sweetheart by Bright Eyes" sets the stage for a captivating and emotionally charged narrative. Through vivid imagery andpelling storytelling, the author explores themes of betrayal, resilience, and unexpected connections, leaving readers eager to uncover what lies ahead for Melanie and the mysterious man by her side. With its intriguing premise andplex characters, this promises to be a gripping and unforgettable read. Read I Became His Sweetheart by Bright Eyes at .