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Rebirth: The Cultivation King Is Back

Rebirth: The Cultivation King Is Back
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Rebirth: The Cultivation King Is Back

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    Read Rebirth: The Cultivation King Is Back by Xuan Huan. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRebirth: The Cultivation King Is Back by Xuan Huan. Genre: Drama The story begins with Samuel Ling waking up in a different realm called The Divine Land. He realizes that he has reincarnated into this world and is now in the care of a woman named Jodie Meng, who is his mother in this new life. Samuel is filled with hazy memories and tries to sort them out. He learns that in this realm, martial arts are highly valued, and he belongs to the prestigious Ling Family. However, after a surprise attack that destroyed his meridians (energy channels in martial arts), he lost all his cultivation and became amoner. Despite the setbacks, Samuel is determined to regain his martial arts prowess. He has faced ridicule and insults from others, but he remains steadfast in his pursuit. Recently, he challenged Darren Ling, the grandchild of the fifth elder of his family, to a fight but was nearly killed since Darren was a Martial Warrior and Samuel was an ordinary person. Samuel, now filled with confidence and a desire for revenge, examines his surroundings and finds his father, Roger Ling, entering the room. Roger is also a victim of a similar fate, having his meridians destroyed in the past. They share a conversation about their circumstances, and Roger offers Samuel a bottle of wine. They discuss their struggles and the disappointment of their situation. Roger tells Samuel that he doesn't have to force himself and that he understands the difficulty Samuel has faced. Despite the challenges they have endured, Samuel's determination remains strong as he prepares to face the trials of the martial arts world in The Divine Land... Rebirth: The Cultivation King Is Back by Xuan Huan full chapter at

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