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Second Chance At Love by Iris Mignon

Chapter 357
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Chapter 357 Camila could not understand this son of hers anymore.

Ever since Sophia died, Jason seemed to have been possessed. Sometimes he was good, sometimes he was bad.

Sometimes, she even felt that he was mentally ill. Although he looked like a normal person on the surface, his insides had long been dug out.

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The rest of his life was long. Every tshe thought about how he would have to live in despair for decades in the future like a walking corpse, her heart ached so much that she felt suffocated.

She really regretted it. If she could do it again, she would definitely choose to get along peacefully with Sophia. Originally, her son had a happy and fulfilling family. He could have a beautiful wife in his arms and children and grandchildren.

In the end, because of her ignorance and meanness, it was ruined. There was no chance to salvage the situation. “Jason, don't be like this. I really know my mistake. I promise you that I'll go to prison to atone for my sins, okay? Don't torture yourself anymore." As she spoke, her tears fell silently again.

Jason leaned against the head of the bed, unmoved. The corners of his lips seemed to be smiling, but his eyes were like a pool of stagnant water, unable to stir up any waves.

He had already becnumb. Other than the heart-wrenching pain when he thought of his wife and children, he could no longer experience human emotions. "Two years ago, when you didn't leave any leeway and forced the doctor to tamper with the examination report and usedto abort my child, you should have expected this day to come." "Jason..." Camila bent her knees slightly and tried to kneel down.

Jason reminded her coldly, "I've already committed a grave sin. If you still want to shorten my lifespan, feel free to kneel." Camila hurriedly reached out to support herself on the edge of the bed. After stabilizing herself, she wiped the tears on her face. "Let's not talk about this. Let's get down to business. How do you plan to deal with this?" Jason smiled coldly. What he wanted was Ada's life. Since that vicious woman had set up a trap, he would naturally cooperate with her and beat her at her own game.

He said, "Call her now and say that you agree with her method. Ask her how to operate it." Camila had already guessed that he would do this, so she was not surprised after hearing his words.

She felt that perhaps he would feel better after taking revenge for Sophia.

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As long as it could alleviate his pain, she would help him achieve his wish even if it meant risking her life. "Alright, I'll listen to you." After saying that, she walked to the door and said a few words to Aaron before closing the door. She took out her phone and dialed Ada. She turned on the speakerphone.

The call was quickly connected, and Ada's charming voice cfrom the receiver. "Good morning, Camila.” Camila could tell that she was very happy.

She thought, "That makes sense. The Watson family is prepared to hold a press conference in the next two days to confirm her identity as their legitimate daughter. Now is the tfor her to be proud. But she has harmed my son badly!' Camila gripped her phone tightly and closed her eyes, suppressing the anger in her chest. "Ada, I'm so worried. Jason got drunk last night and vomited blood. If this continues, I'm afraid he won't be able to keep his life."

Ada stopped laughing and sighed helplessly. "In the past, Jason would still pityand take my life-saving grace to heart. But ever since Sophia forcefully interfered, Jason has disliked me. It's useless for you to complain tonow."

At this point, she changed the topic and said with sbewitchment, "Can you really consider the method I mentioned last night? don't want my e child to be born without a father, and you don't want to experience the pain of losing your son. This method is very profitable. Camila, Jason is already seriously injured. If this continues, he will definitely die. Are you really going to watch him die?" "No," Camila roared, "He's all I have left. Nothing must happen to him. Tellyour plan. I'll cooperate with you."