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Super Wife's Three Babies pdf

Super Wife's Three Babies pdf
1500 Chapters
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Super Wife's Three Babies pdf

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    Read Super Wife's Three Babies pdf by Bravo. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereSuper Wife's Three Babies pdf by Bravo full chapter . Genre: Billionaire The story titled "The Man That Night" introduces Olivia Maxwell, who wakes up the morning after her birthday to discover her fiancé, Hugo Gray, cheating on her with her stepsister. Filled with a desire for revenge, Olivia decides to make them pay for their betrayal. Two months later, she finds out she is pregnant, which leads to a confrontation with her stepsister, Anna. Olivia accuses Anna of her deceitful actions, but Anna denies everything and tries to maintain her reputation. Olivia's stepmother, Amy Davis, supports Anna and scolds Olivia for potentially ruining her stepsister's reputation. Olivia defiantly claims that she witnessed the affair herself. In response, Olivia's father, Henry Maxwell, slaps her and threatens to disown her if she refuses to have an abortion. Determined not to give in, Olivia chooses to leave the house, despite Anna's pleas for her to stay. Anna reveals that she orchestrated a surprise encounter with a beggar to humiliate Olivia, which further fuels Olivia's anger. Olivia slaps Anna and starts attacking her, but Henry intervenes, leading to Olivia accidentally falling and protecting her pregnant belly. Henry defends Anna and promises to protect her, while Olivia realizes she no longer has a place in the family and walks away.

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