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Tattooed Luna by Mrs Smith

Chapter 0559
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Chapter 0559 «It’s like... if I push them down, I can’t open that box again. If I did, I would get overwhelmed and I don’t think I could handle that.” “How about tonight. We will lock ourselves in the panic room and you need to let all those emotions out.

Together, we will work through them.

You can yell, hit, cry or whatever you want until you work through them. I'll be beside you the whole time.” I hated everything about that plan.

Nothing sounded like something I wanted to experience. “I think they are okay in the box.” “Kristen. This is happening. I'll be with you. You can lean on me and I won’t think less of you. I won't even tell

anyone about it. It stays between us.

Not even Colt will know.” That was a different kind of emotion.

Not telling Colt? I told him everything.

By doing this, it was like I officially stepped out of Colt’s embrace and put my complete trust in Alec.

It was that realization that shocked me more than anything. If I truly opened up and did this... there wasn’t anything left in my soul that Alec hadn’t touched. Only Colt has seen that side of me and even then, it was only what I allowed him too.

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“you're afraid.” Alec said. It was more of a statement than a question.

“1...” Panic started to rise as I thought about giving that part to him. I loved him with everything in me but the idea of doing something like that scared the

shit out of me. I would rather face Darin again than do that.

“Hey!” Alec slammed on the breaks and forced me to look at him.

“Breath!” “I’'m.... okay...” As on reflex, I went to shove that feeling down.

“DON’T!” Alec growled. My eyes landed on his. If I had any air in my lungs, it would have been sucked out.

The love and concern was so strong that I was caught off guard. “Feel it.

Feel how scared you are of it. Feel how vulnerable it makes you. Allow those feelings to relax as you accept them.

Accept them and let them simmer down.” I tried to do as he said. Closing my

eyes, I focused on the anxiety that it caused. I kept repeating that I could do it. I have tackled every other obstacle in my path and now I was going to tackle this. Putting on a brave face was something I was good at. Feeling emotions was something I failed at.

“There you go. That’s my girl.” Alec said softly as he pulled me towards him. He kissed me gently on the lips.

His forehead rested against mine as he let me breathe. Only once it was back to a shallow, calm breathing, did he speak again. “Give me this last part that you have been holding out on. It’s time.” part of me was surprised he noticed but the other part wasn’t. He was extremely observant and I barely got away with anything. “I'll try.” I said


“It’s a date.” Alec pulled away and put down on the gas. Still, his hand never left my thigh as I clutched on to it.

A date is usually something I looked forward too. This was not. Never thought I would dread a date before but here we were. As the trees flew by us, it almost seemed.... well, I wasn’t sure what the right word was. Now that Ann was alive, I didn’t want to go to Colt’s pack. She wasn’t there but it felt tainted somehow.

As we pulled up to the gates, the guard nodded at us and let us in. “I don’t want to be here. Now I know she is out, it just seems... weird. I know that’s not logical but...” “1 get it.” Alec nodded as he looked out the window. He was pulling into the

parking space that had been mine since I could drive. “Like the dark cloud is back, hanging over the pack.” “Exactly.” There wasn’t any pushing this off. Alec came around and opened my door for me. Smirking, I tried to take off the red lipstick on his lips but they were still stained a little.

“Is it there there?” Alec asked. As soon as I was out of the car, he looked in the side mirror.

“Just marking my territory.” Shrugging, I didn’t really care if he had it there or not.

“Little jealous are we?” Alec looked at me and smirked.

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“Not jealous, territorial.” Rolling my eyes, I tried to stomp away but Alec

easily caught up to me “Careful. I don’t think you can afford to break your other ankle.” He said as he grabbed my elbow to help me up the stairs.

“Since I have feeling in my legs, I think I am okay.” Alec narrowed his eyes at me. “You did that on purpose.” Looking back at the car, he though I set up the emotions so he didn’t tease me on the way here.

“That’s not true. That was not planned but it is nice when things work out in my favor.” Smiling, I opened the front door.

“Ice!” Colt was coming down the stairs.

“Hey!” I said, smiling.

EY TT Te “I take it the drive was okay?” He came up to me and gave me a hug { “Nothing special. Just more white bullshit.” “That is true. Let's get this meeting over with so you guys can head home and not get caught in it.” Colt held his hand out to Alec.

Alec took it but as soon as Colt turned and walked back to his office, he grabbed me and kept me close to him.

“Now who is territorial.” I said in the mind-link.

“I don’t try to hide it though. You are mine.” “1 don’t hide it! I just express myself differently.” “Well, express yourself on the way home. That is a language you are good

at.” Alec smirked as we walked into the office.

Gunther was already sitting and waiting for us. As we walked past Colt, he shut and locked the door.