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The Unwilling CEO’s Love Game

The Unwilling CEO’s Love Game
273 Chapters
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The Unwilling CEO’s Love Game

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    Read The Unwilling CEO’s Love Game by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRead The Unwilling CEO’s Love Game by . Genre: Romance... The Unwilling CEO’s Love Game pdf free download. Jocelyn Winslet, after an intimate encounter with Melvin Martinez, confides in him about her parents pressuring her to get married. Melvin, seemingly indifferent, casually asks if she has someone in mind. Jocelyn mentions another man who is willing to provide her with a home. Melvin, unperturbed, decides to leave and suggests she pursue her relationship with the other man. Later, Jocelyn enters the bathroom to find Melvin showering. Despite their past connection, Melvin maintains a detached attitude. Jocelyn attempts to make him jealous, questioning if he can bear to let her go. Melvin, however, reiterates their initial agreement of keeping things casual and nonmittal. Jocelyn, still harboring feelings, tries to evoke a reaction from Melvin but fails. Melvin leaves decisively, leaving Jocelyn reflecting on their past. In a new chapter, Jocelyn is introduced to Declan, a potential match for marriage. During their dinner together, Melvin coincidentally appears with a new woman. Jocelyn pretends not to know him, but her thoughts reveal a lingering emotional connection. The narrative explores theirplicated history, starting from a drunken encounter three years ago. Later, Melvin shows up unexpectedly at Jocelyn's home, leaving her puzzled. The chapter ends with Jocelyn conflicted about her emotions for Melvin and her parents' expectations of marriage. Read The Unwilling CEO’s Love Game .