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Chasing My Rejected Wife by J.Liu

Chasing My Rejected Wife by J.Liu
218 Chapters
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Chasing My Rejected Wife by J.Liu

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    Read Chasing My Rejected Wife by J.Liu by J.Liu. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereChasing My Rejected Wife by J.Liu full chapter at . Genre: Billionaire Amber Stone is at the hospital, feeling optimistic after receiving a laboratory test report. However, her uncle calls and informs her that Rodney, her husband, was seen at an antenatal checkup with a pregnant woman. Amber dismisses the idea, believing that Rodney would never cheat on her. When she calls Rodney, he responds coldly and hangs up abruptly, leaving her worried. Amber encounters Celia Black, the daughter of her father's mistress, who addresses her as "sister." Amber reacts with disdain, asserting that she is her mother's only child. Celia reveals that she is pregnant with Rodney's baby and presents a medical consent form with his signature. Amber is shocked and slaps Celia, causing her to fall to the ground and experience abdominal pain. They rush Celia to the emergency room, where Rachel Grant, Amber's mother-in-law, blames her for Celia's condition and physically assaults her. Amber regains consciousness in a hospital bed, where Rodney's lawyer visits her to discuss their divorce. Amber is astonished by the news and demands to meet Rodney in person. The lawyer refuses, stating that Rodney is too busy. Amber attempts to call Rodney but cannot reach him, realizing that their relationship has deteriorated significantly. Reluctantly, she signs the divorce settlement agreement, which states that Rodney's pre-marital property is excluded from the division. Feeling bitter and betrayed, Amber agrees to the terms and signs the agreement. The lawyer informs her that she cannot keep the jewelry Rodney bought for her. Amber remains motionless for a while before finally accepting and signing the agreement. The lawyer relays the news to Rodney, who shows uncertainty and asks the lawyer to leave. In the parking lot, Rodney sits in his luxurious car, contemplating the situation with brooding eyes. Read Chasing My Rejected Wife by J.Liu