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Dauntless God of War

Dauntless God of War
500 Chapters
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Dauntless God of War

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    Read Dauntless God of War by joy. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereDauntless God of War by Joy . Genre: Romance The story revolves around Harold Campbell, an illegitimate child of a lowborn woman who was cast out by the wealthy Campbell family. Six years ago, he emerged from nowhere as the "God of War," ruthlessly managing the underground forces of the world, leading The Four to defeat thousands of troops, and forcing every country to sign the Five-Year Agreement, then disappearing mysteriously. In the present day, he is marrying his girlfriend, Brittany Xenos. However, his betrothal gift of 200,000 has been used to purchase a car, and he is asked to contribute an additional 300,000 to the betrothal gift to help Brittany's younger brother. Harold is bitter about this but goes ahead with the wedding. The passage describes a scene where Harold, the groom, suddenly confesses his love for Isabella, the bridesmaid, at his wedding to Brittany. Harold's unexpected move surprises everyone, especially Brittany and her family, who are angry at Isabella for embarrassing them. Harold slaps Brittany when she tries to hit Isabella, and then leaves with Isabella. Despite her initial reservations, Isabella agrees to marry Harold, and they draft a marriage agreement in a café. Harold is nervous but excited about the prospect of marrying Isabella, who he realizes is the right person for him, even though he had been with Brittany for five years. Read Dauntless God of War by Joy at