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Love's Perfect Match

Love's Perfect Match
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Love's Perfect Match

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    Read Love's Perfect Match by joy. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereLove's Perfect Match by Joy full chapter on . Genre: Romance The Winthrop family had arranged an engagement for their son with a woman from the countryside, who was supposed to choose one of the five handsome Winthrop brothers as her betrothed. However, when the media dug up the woman's photo, netizens criticized her appearance and deemed her unworthy of the Winthrop men. The five brothers reluctantly traveled to the woman's home to escort her to Damoria. Upon arrival, they were shocked to find that the woman was actually very different from the picture, with delicate features and an elegant demeanor. Despite this, Max Winthrop insulted her, calling her a "country bumpkin," but was met with a cold retort from the woman, who then left with her luggage without choosing any of the Winthrop brothers as her fiancé. Please follow and read Love's Perfect Match by Joy full chapter on

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